Long-term Storage for Your RV – Keeping Pests at Bay

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When the summer’s done and you need to store your RV, it is important that it’s properly prepared for long-term storage. As it is illegal for residents of San Leandro to store their oversized vehicles, boats, etc. at their residences, we are ready to help with safe, secure, and convenient storage in San Leandro.

Just as when you leave your home, you need to prepare your RV. While your RV is in storage, it is important to safeguard it against pests, who will see your vacant RV as a wonderful spot in which to winter. Unfortunately, these temporary invaders can cause damage totaling thousands of dollars.


Look for gaps in seals, signs of mold, cracks, holes etc. The general rule to use is that if you can see light through a space, a mouse can get in there and wreck havoc. Make note of any seals that are cracking, areas that need re-chalking, and gaps around wiring or plumbing that need to be resealed.

Stuff and seal it up

Do you remember your grandmother raving about steel wool to keep the critters out? It really works, with the maximum punch coming when you first shove the steel wool into a hole, crack, or crevice, followed by silicone sealants or spray foam. Those unwanted rodents won’t know what hit ‘em! If even a sliver of light shows through a crack, you need to seal it. Mice and rats can squeeze into spaces the size of a dime and nickel, respectively.

Close the café

You are already planning on taking everything out of the refrigerator and cracking the doors, right? Of course you were. It is important to remember that any food can become a feast for a starving rodent. You will need to empty the cabinets, wipe them down, and make sure that there is not a crumb left behind.

Repel the rodents

In addition to sealing and cleaning, you can repel rodents with peppermint oil. No, we don’t mean that you put candy canes all over the place. You can purchase some peppermint essential oil and put it on cotton balls around the RV. This method is very effective, but the oil needs to be refreshed regularly for maximum efficacy, making it less than convenient. Peppermint sachets or oil holders will last longer. These can often be found online under “rodent repellants.”

If you need a good place for your RV storage in San Leandro, Mini Safe Storage has spaces sized 10×20 and 10×38 and can keep your vehicle ready for your next grand adventure.

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