Have You Been Organizing During the Last Few Weeks? You’re Not Alone!

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If you’re like many others, during the COVID-19 at-home time, you looked for and found, or not, various projects to keep you busy (and sane). If these projects involved organizing or going through your possessions, we have a few tips on which you should store and those that just need to be rehomed. After all, at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, CA, we are your storage experts.

Should it stay or should it go now?

Is anyone else hearing the classic ditty by The Clash? As you sort your extra stuff and things, realistically look at it and ask yourself several questions.

Have you touched it in the last 12 months other than just now?

Have you needed it in the last 6 months?

Had you completely forgotten about it?

Is it in good repair?

Do you like it or are you keeping it as a matter of habit?

Do you have another that you prefer to this one?

Does someone you know need it?

Will you really use it in the future or will it just sit unused?

Is this being kept because of guilt? (Aunt Edna’s teacup collection)

Do you think that you would miss it if it were gone?

Do you want to spend money to store it indefinitely?

What is your gut telling you about this item – should you keep it or not?

OK, I’ve taken most of my day thinking about a dish. Now what?

It depends on what you decided, of course! If you are going to keep it, find a place for it to live in your home, obviously. For those things that you will be gifting to another, decide how and when you will be doing so – after the stay-at-home time has passed, of course! Take these items to your car or other designated place. You haven’t worked this hard to stare at boxes or bins for the next few weeks. Leaving them in place can be rather distressing.

If you have items that you want to store at a storage facility, we respectfully ask you to consider Mini Safe Storage, a leading San Leandro storage provider.

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