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For bargain hunters, there are a few days of the year that are just amazing. I love the few days after a holiday so much! I have been able to score some pretty awesome deals through the year, and by properly planning, I am able to do a bunch of my shopping for holidays after the season and for a significant discount! I never could have done this when all the kids were at home, since I simply would not have had a place to store everything. For the super-serious, I’ve seen them rent a small storage unit, like those that we offer here at our San Leandro storage facility, Mini Safe Storage. Most of the time, doing this exclusively for a gift stash is cost prohibitive. 

Wedding gifts 

I have this thing – I love to give newlyweds holiday decorations, such as lights, stockings, candles, etc. For the wedding season of spring and summer, this can be tricky. As soon as the stores open post-holiday, I am there, ready to snatch items for at least a 50 percent discount. I can stock up for those wedding gifts and save at the same time. I try and grab a colorful plastic tote for both storing the gift and presenting it to the happy couple. 

Money makers 

Another time that I love to hit the sales is after Halloween. Of course, the candies are targets, and I buy candy and use it to decorate my annual gingerbread houses. The big thing is that I purchase Halloween costumes for a discount and sell them online on eBay and Facebook Marketplace the following year. If you’re not big on storing and selling, consider this – I typically make around $500 for this little activity each year. 


I love the kitschy door/porch decorations, wreaths, etc., but am neither creative nor rich. After holidays, I monitor the sales and wait a week or so and pick up these items, typically at 75 to 90 percent off their original price. After a year of this little activity, I have a door and patio that look amazing, but for a fraction of the cost. You can do this for those wedding gifts, etc., as once you have your rotation, you are good. 

While considerably less than winning the lottery, these little habits of mine have managed to allow me greater control over our family budget and to pocket some cash all at the same time. 

If you have a favorite place or item that you target in post-holiday markdowns, stop in and see me and check out our San Leandro car storage at Mini Safe Storage. 

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