A Few Tips to Have a Great Small Business Saturday

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Just like clockwork, emails start rolling into my inbox proclaiming that this retailer or that will be having their best prices ever and they will offer their Black Friday pricing early.  

But, did you know that there is another big shopping event that happens the Saturday after Thanksgiving – Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is designated as such to remind consumers to support small businesses. 

Of course, being your hometown San Leandro storage leader, we’re grateful to all our customers and their support year-round. 

Ideas to stay local for buyers 

Sometimes, it is a little harder to find the small businesses to support. We hope to help you find those companies around you and invite you to visit them.  

Do you have a friend selling homemade items? If you have yet to support them with a purchase, please consider doing so this holiday season.  

Other ways to support small business include looking for sellers who sell in online venues, such as eBay, craigslist, Etsy, or using a tool such as Facebook Marketplace. 

What can small businesses do to advertise for Small Business Saturday? 

Small businesses have challenges, no doubt, competing in a big-box world. The retail dominance of the large corporations is never more evident than at the holidays. Small businesses can connect with prospective customers by word of mouth and by their social media channels.  

In today’s world, nearly every community has at least one community group on Facebook. If you’re not following one and posting regularly, start now. Make sure that you post as a neighbor first and make helpful suggestions to recommendations (especially out of your business field). People want to engage with authentic intent. If you only post spammy ads for your business on these groups, you may as well shoot yourself in the foot.  

When you have established yourself as a regular contributor and have engaged with others in a purely social context, you can start making a few posts per month about your business. Offer specials to those who comment on or have reviewed your page. Post a digital coupon and ask people to come in and try your product or service. Most of all, identify those who are doing well in your community and try to emulate their methods. This can help you test the waters of how your neighbors will best respond. 

Since we’re all in this together, we’d like to know more about your small business so that we can refer people who are looking for your product or service. If you’d like to stop by and let us know what you do, that would be great. Likewise, if you know of someone needing storage for their belongings or even RV storage in San Leandro, please keep us in mind. 

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