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Yep, you heard me right. I must sound like a big Scrooge to you, hmm? To the contrary, I am one of the most Christmas-y people I know. Ask anyone here with me at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, CA. They will affirm that I am setting up my decorations whilst the Halloween crowds are candy gathering.  

You’re probably confused as to where I stand on the whole holiday spectrum now, aren’t you? Let me clear this up since these concepts may appear to be in direct conflict, one with another. I’m definitely on #TeamSanta. I get more excited to see the big guy than the kids do. To be fair, my kids are mostly teens and young adults, so they get a bit testy about being dragged to see Santa every year!  

Among these older offspring of mine, there is a strong tendency to have anxiety. This always figured into my plans for them and I focused less on Santa being this slightly creepy old guy who knew EVERYTHING and just wanted to catch them not sharing, being cranky, or just being human and making mistakes than the idea that all we can do is our very best. This put the focus for this part of our holiday into a better place as far as triggering anxiety to just living. 

This is a large reason that for my high-strung, anxiety-ridden, and perfectionist family, having the elf ready to get a quick message to Santa at the slightest impropriety didn’t fly. The hypocrisy of it all got me too. Parents flock to social media to show all of the naughty things that this elf guy does, all the while he’s spying on the kids, expecting them to be perfect.  

I’m lucky, most of my parenting came before social media was a big thing, so I just did my thing and, believe it or not, I didn’t tell everyone about it! Full disclosure, I also have a five-year-old son, so I’m going back and doing the whole parenting thing again after I’ve raised 6 children to high school graduation. I see so many young parents taking a hard job and making it harder because they not only have to do a tough thing to raise up the children but document every second online and be perfect.  

My challenge to each of you is to give yourself a break over this holiday season. Let things be less than perfect. It’s completely OK and you will even be able to look back fondly, knowing that you did your best for your family. Oh, and when you’re done celebrating and decorating however you see fit, if you need some space to store it all, drop by Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro and we’ll take it from there. 

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