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As we march through the month of November, it can sometimes feel as though it is solely a pre-holiday formality. This is driven largely by the consumer environment, but there is added pressure for people to begin celebrating early. Lately, there has been information reported from studies that suggest that people who decorate for the holidays early are happier than those who wait for the more traditional timing to deck their halls. 

We’re spilt down the middle here at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, CA. A few of us are happy to decorate whilst the Trick-or Treaters are doing their thing, while one of us, is the company Scrooge and doesn’t see the point at all. With that in mind, there are reasons that the finding of this study make sense. 

Reminder of the good 

One of my favorite things about holiday decorations is that from the time that I pull them out of my storage unit (I must keep them someplace, right?), there is just a feeling of warmth and happiness that envelops me. It’s as though I can spend my days in a better place for a while, trying to focus upon the good in the world and the joy that I can feel rather than the confusion and tumult that surrounds me whenever I turn on the news. 

Being prepared earlier allows me more time 

I’ve found that with all of the various parties, activities, cookie exchanges, shopping, etc., that dot my calendar each December that there simply is not enough time to do all the things that I love to do with my family if decorating is still on my list come December 1st. If I don’t have a head start on the decorations, I must put some things aside that are among my favored traditions, such as holding a big family gingerbread house decorating event. 


There is an old story that talks about how the women in one family always cut their roasts into thirds before cooking them. No one knew why but that was always the way that they did it. Once, when they were all together and preparing a meal, one of the women went about slicing the roast in three pieces. A child watched and asked why they were doing this, and none of them could answer. There were speculative answers about flavor, tenderness, etc. Finally, the elderly matriarch of the family replied, “I didn’t have a pot large enough for a roast, so I cut it up.” Everyone laughed and went on with their meal preparation.  

Having grown up in Colorado, weather was often a factor for the timing of hanging outdoor decorations. When there was to be a nice weekend, we did it, and that usually came in November. Even though we don’t have the same situation here in California, it’s just stuck with me. 

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