Tips for Moving in with your Significant Other

Making the decision to move in with your significant other can be exciting and a huge step in your relationship. To help you have the best experience when moving in with your significant other we at Mini Safe Storage have found some suggestions to help. You can also trust us to give you the storage units for your storage needs for those items you just won’t be needing or have doubles of.

Communicate First

Moving in together is a huge step so communicate with your partner to make sure you’re both on the same page and want the same things. If one person feels forced, things aren’t likely to end well. Take everything into account such as your living habits, beliefs, cleaning routines, and finances so that you can be prepared to share a home.

Store What You Can

Moving in together means double the stuff and chances are you won’t have room for absolutely everything. Look at what you have duplicates of or what you don’t need and put it into your storage unit at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro for the meantime. If you have duplicates, you may just want to end up selling them but everything else should be held onto just in case you want to move into a larger home down the road.

Arrange Your Home Together

If you put all the responsibility of arranging a new home onto one person, chances are the other person isn’t going to be completely happy. Work together as a team to put your new home together and make sure that everyone is happy with the outcome. This also allows each person to establish a personal space where they can keep their personal belongings.

Set Some Ground Rules

Sure, you don’t want to feel like someone’s mother or father, but it’s extremely important to set some ground rules when moving in with someone you’ve never lived with. Designate responsibilities around the home so that you can have peace of mind in knowing that things will get done. Make sure boundaries are set because although you will be living together, personal space will be needed for your sanity.

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