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As your thoughts turn to spring and renewal this year, we’d like you to think about our units here at your San Leandro storage facility, Mini Safe Storage. When was the last time that you popped over to check on your belongings? Very often, when a storage unit is rented, it’s not thought of more than once a month when the bill is due. Depending on what you have stored, you need to check on your treasures at regular intervals to ensure that they remain in good shape. 

How often should I check in? 

It depends largely on how well you packed your belongings into the storage unit as well as what you are storing there. For valuable or fragile items, you need to check more often. If you are storing heirlooms, antiques, paintings, or musical instruments in your unit, you will need to come in more often, usually every month or two.  

Normal household or business furnishings and boxes don’t need to be checked as often, perhaps only a few times per year. Using the change of seasons of spring and autumn can be good to help you to remember, since for most people, out of sight is truly out of mind.  

What should I be looking for? 

Check for signs of possible tampering. While rare, it can happen. The largest enemies of storage units are pests and humidity. Improperly stored items in other units may draw in pests. While we work hard to keep our facility pest controlled, 100 percent pest free is not feasible 

Look for settling, or boxes that have begun to weaken from the weight of other items which have been stacked on top of them. Please report any signs of water damage to your items to the office.  

I found a problem – what do I do now? 

If you see a problem with your unit, please report it to the office right away. We can help advise you how to remedy the situation. 

We are grateful for all our customers and beg you not to be a stranger!  

Did you know that Mini Safe Storage is a leader for San Leandro car storage? If you need your vehicle stored, come visit and check it out! 

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