Secure Lease

Store with peace of mind @ Mini Safe Storage

With the SECURE LEASE Property Protection Plan, We assume limited responsibility for your belongings with superior coverage and much better terms and conditions and than you would typically get from a homeowner’s policy or an expensive 3rd party storage insurance. The Property Protection Plan is an essential part of the service that we provide here at Mini Safe Storage because we want you to have full confidence that you will be taken care of no matter what situation may arise.

  • No Deductible in the event of a loss (because it is not an insurance plan. It is a protection plan.)
  • Satisfies the insurance requirement in the rental addendum.
  • Assumes responsibility for both commercial and personal goods stored @ Mini Safe Storage.
  • Full replacement value with plans available from $2,000 up to $15,000 for any goods @ Mini Safe Storage.
  • Every plan comes with $500 worth of vermin/moth/infestation protection.
  • Assumes limited responsibility in the event of fire, theft, roof leak or collapse, vandalism, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and much more.
  • Only available for goods stored in locked storage units.
  • Lets you store with confidence.If is worth storing; it is worth protecting.
  • Plans: $10 (up to $2,000 coverage)
    $13 (up to $5,000 coverage)
    $24 (up to $10,000 coverage)
    $40 (up to $15,000 coverage)
  • Protection plan fees are paid for with the rent.

The SECURE LEASE Property Protection Plan will provide you with peace of mind at a very reasonable price. See the terms and conditions of the SECURELEASE Property Protection Plan for plan and coverage details.