Most of the Time, People Take Work Home – I Took Home to Work!

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Have you been lucky enough to sleep in a bit during the summer and sit back with a cold drink, soaking up the moments? If you have kids like me, probably not! I’ll admit, I keep telling myself that each year will be different, and I won’t be looking at the end of the summer, wondering where the time has gone, not to mention dealing with at the insurmountable task of putting my family back onto a schedule.

Tackle the to-do list

The first thing that needs to be done is to make the list, am I right? On mine, I have projects for each child (get shots, pay fees, eye exam, school supply and clothes shopping, etc.), for the house, and a few summer bucket list items. I divide it into manageable chunks and try to get to work. But then –

There’s always something unexpected that happens at the last minute

The rule of parenthood, right? This year’s came with a phone call late one evening, and in retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have answered the phone. I had volunteered at the beginning of last school year to help with the clothing exchange. Yeah, I completely remember saying that groggily before my coffee one morning about a year ago! They were bringing all of the clothes (160 boxes) over to my house tomorrow for me to sort by gender, size, and item. Wow!

Stop the press!

The boxes were delivered, and I had flashbacks from being the Girl Scout Cookie Cupboard, another task that I was willing, but unprepared to do. Got to say, I was glad that I work at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro. I broke into the boxes and repackaged the items, taking load after load to store at the storage unit. As for the kids for whom I’d been planning a big fun end-of-summer bucket list item. They were my own little army of workers. We can go south to the beaches anytime, right?

When the time came for the boxes to be moved again, I organized my own little caravan. I could imagine Google Street images if they happened to be driving by our San Leandro storage facility – there would be lines and lines of SUVs and minivans, lined up to get in. There might be some conspiracy theories out there about who can even image what!

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