Keeping Sane in Seclusion

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Everything That I Learned About Myself (and My Family) During COVID-19 Social Distancing

I love my family, I really do! Being in close quarters for this month has been challenging, fun, and enriching. The most important thing is to keep a realistic expectation for yourself and everyone else. I imagined that I would be running into work, trying to convert one of the units at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro to a She-Shed before the end of the crisis.

Lesson #1 – Be prepared with extra provisions and hide them well

I don’t know about you, but when stay-at-home was ordered, I had such grand plans for myself and my family, and within about three days, people were starting to seek hiding places, myself included. My secret mom stash of chocolate was discovered and devoured by my very ungrateful and daring children, who didn’t realize that these Butterfingers were the last resort before Mom loses her ever-living head and goes all Rambo all over the place. What did you think I meant – toilet paper? Get real – life is chocolate.

Lesson #2 – Find creative ways to get help on projects

Full disclosure – I have teenagers and a kindergartener at home. They are delightful people, wake early each morning, always speak and act respectfully, and jump to my aid whenever I ask. No, better yet since this is a big fantasy anyway – they do their chores without asking and then we all sing as we work (in perfect harmony), collapsing into a heap of laughter as we watch a Disney movie eating popcorn and curled up together under a blanket.

I can lay it on pretty think, can’t I? My family couldn’t be like that for longer than about 45 seconds before one of us busted out laughing. The creative way that I found to get them to pick up the piles that we strewn around the house was to hide the TV remote and all chargers in my room and “break” the Wi-Fi. You’d be amazed how fast they got going!

Lesson #3 – Find ways to have some time alone time

What? Alone time? Really? Let’s just say that social distancing can count our families sometimes. This is more than just staying away from Gram and Pop, you need some time alone from those people that live in your home too. Even if it is just putting on some headphones and playing a game on your phone, having a break is glorious. Everyone can use this time, let your kids watch a movie, read, game, etc. for part of the day. This is so important for everyone’s mental health. The seclusion and isolation can be especially hard on children who are accustomed to spending their day around their friends.

What about school, you ask? Help your kids with it and do it daily, but realize that this is a strange time and is greatly different than if your child was absent for an extended period of time. Every child is going to be in a classroom with children who experienced the shutdown. Try your best, but come out on the other side with a happy family who did their best, endured the seclusion, and are healthy physically and emotionally.

When all this is happily behind us, we still can’t do the She-Shed, but did you know Mini Safe Storage is a leader for RV storage in San Leandro? Come check us out – after we get through this, of course!

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