How to Get Rid of your Child’s Unused Toys

As your child grows their toys will grow with them, meaning the toys they once loved will no longer be interesting and will be just taking up space in your home. To help you in the process of clearing out all of those unused toys you can rent a storage unit at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, CA where they can wait for the next child who will appreciate the toys once again. Listed below are some tips to help you getting rid of the unused toys in your home.


Don’t Be More Sentimental than your Child

There are some toys that your child will love and cherish for many years. At the same time, there are toys that you have accumulated in your home that your child could easily forget about. If your child doesn’t seem to be sentimental towards specific toys then you know they are ok to go. Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Did someone we love gift this and is it sentimental to the giver?


  • Is this a toy that never gets played with?


  • Would the kids even notice if it was gone?


This will help you to determine whether the toy stays, gets stored, or is donated.


Age Appropriate Toys

If you are like most, you probably still have those newborn toys laying around the house not getting played with. You may even have some toys that have been gifted to you that your child just isn’t ready to play with yet. While sorting through your child’s toys you can determine if this a toy that is appropriate for them to play with now. Everything else can be stored in your storage unit at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, CA or donated to friends, family, or your local Goodwill.


Get your Children Involved

While it might be easier to just go through and purge all of your child’s toys on your own, getting them involved can be very helpful to their development and understanding of why their toys are being stored or donated. Kids know which toys they want to play with and which ones they don’t. Depending on the ages of your children this may be a great opportunity to teach them about generosity. It feels good to give and bless others, and it’s never too early to start explaining that principle to your children.

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