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When my child came home and told me that she had volunteered me to be the parent chairperson for the drama department’s fundraising, I took it in stride. I’m telling you now that this was a rash decision. I should have run screaming into the nearest facility and checked myself in for the duration of the school year.  

Foolishly, I thought, “I’ve been PTA president and Girl Scout Cookie Cupboard. This will be a piece of cake!” While you might probably have more sense creativity than me, I’m sharing some ideas for you that were successful for us.  

Since one of our favorite things is to share tips with our customers at Mini Safe Storage, long-time leader in self storage in San Leandro, CA. 

Think outside the box 

If you want to be boring, go for the wrapping paper, popcorn, candy sales. These are tried and true and easily managed. These programs provide organizations a trusted platform and other supports. 

If you’re slightly more daring, grab a bunch of stand mixers, cookie-making ingredients and whip up batches of cookie dough. Freeze them and sell for $10-20/bag – each bag can make 2-3 dozen cookies. This works well during the holiday season. 

Look for sponsors  

Consider writing up a proposal for prospective sponsors. While it might be tempting to go for the big corporations (and if you have connections in your network, why not), bulook for thosplaces that arlocally owned and operated. These folks are often fighting against the odds to stay afloat. Offer ad space on posters, programs, website, etc. 

Giant garage sale 

Collect household goods, clothes, etc., and have a huge garage sale. Don’t forget to advertise. A great way to be successful is to sell items in bulk, for example, price items by the bag full – $5 for a small bag, $10 for a large one. Sell drinks, candy, bottled water at the sale. When you are done with the sale, pack up the rest of the goods and take them to a secondhand store. Savers pays for these items by the pound. 

Recycle tech, toner, or inkjet cartridges 

There are several items that can be recycled and sold to various organizations for fundraising purposes. You can go out into the community and ask for them to collect these items as well.  

Toner & inkjet cartridges – 

Phones – or 

If you can think of other ways to fundraise, stop in and share it with us at our San Leandro storage facility – Mini Safe Storage. 

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