Five Simple Things That You Can Do for the Environment on Earth Day

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The observance of the first Earth Day was on March 21, 1970, with an additional teach-in event by Senator Gaylord Nelson on the 22nd of April. The event began as a way to educate and create awareness of environmental causes, and as grown from President Richard and First Lady Pat Nixon planting a tree on the grounds of the White House to a global phenomenon, with observances in many communities that last a week or more.

As we at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, CA not only want to help you store your goods, but to help the environment, we’ve come up with a list of things that you can do to do your part.

  1. Don’t trash – upgrade or donate. Rather than toss “obsolete” electronics (especially computers) as soon as the next new gadget hits, look for ways to upgrade it. Donate used electronics to organizations, such as these offered by the city of San Leandro.
  2. Purchase recycled clothing – Textile waste takes up is a significant portion of landfill space nationwide. When you donate your clothes and purchase clothes that have been recycled, you can not only save some money, but do your part for the environment.
  3. Skip the toys – There are children all over who are gasping right now, but there is a good case for giving experience gifts, such as one-on-one time for a trip to the zoo, classes for a new hobby, etc. These give you both a memory and helps reduce the constant influx of stuff that often ends up in our San Leandro storage units.
  4. Go to E-Statements and opt-out of junk mail – If possible, elect to have your bills sent electronically. This alone can save tons of paper waste each year nationwide.
  5. Put a strip on it – Cut down on electrical waste by having a power strip on your small appliances, computers, chargers, TVs, etc. When you aren’t using them, shut them off at the switch to save energy.

With a few simple steps, there can be a difference in our collective environment.

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