Preparing your Family Photos for Storage

As the years go by you will accumulate a large amount of printed family photos. Over time you might not have enough room in your home to store all of these photos. That is where Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro can help you. We can provide you with the storage unit you need for all of your storage needs. Below are some tips to help you in preparing your family photos for their stay in storage.



Before placing your photos in storage you will want to make sure you are properly preparing for their stay. Preservation experts say to look for paper enclosures that are made from a high quality, non-acidic, lignin-free paper (buffered or unbuffered) made from cotton or highly purified wood pulps. You should also avoid using envelopes with a center seam due to the adhesive that could damage your photos. If you are storing photo albums make sure they are placed on acid-free adhesive paper and protected with a sheet protector.


The Storage Unit

When placing your photos in storage you will want to make sure they are in an area that is protected. They need to be properly packed and placed up off of the floor. Make sure they aren’t near anything that could fall and damage the packaging. If you want to come back and go through the pictures often, consider placing them towards the front of your storage unit for ease of access.



To provide the best protection for you photos you will want to invest in some plastic bins to store them in. Plastic bins with sealable tops are the best when it comes to storing a variety of valuables in a storage unit. This will keep you photos away from any hazardous spills or unwanted guests. Make sure you don’t over pack your bins. Heavy boxes and bins are difficult to move and can cause damage to the items inside if they are filled to the brim.

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