What you Need to Get Rid of for Proper Home Organization

Have you been having a hard time getting your home to stay clean and organized? The problem usually is a result of keeping items that you just don’t need to have in your home. Listed below are some items that you can easily toss, donate, or store in a storage unit at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro. Getting rid of these excess items will help you in maintaining your home.


  • Old shoes can cause clutter and unpleasant odor in your closet. If you haven’t worn your old shoes in a while it may be time to throw them out. If your shoes are still in good shape consider donating them to a local goodwill or someone in need.


  • Unworn clothing can also take up room in your closet that could easily be used to store the items you use every day. An easy way to tell if you haven’t worn clothing in a while is by starting a 3 or 6 month period with all of your hangers turned backwards. By the end of the set term you still have backwards hangers, take them out of your closet and toss, donate, or store them in your storage unit at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro.


  • Wedding invitations, while sentimental and beautiful, are items that should be considered for tossing out. Unless you have plans for creating a scrap book or a gift for a loved one, they should be placed in the recycling bin.


  • Books can often take up a lot of space and collect a lot of dust. For avid readers, collecting books can be your decluttering downfall. Go through our books and see which ones you can donate, toss, or place in your storage unit. It is always best to keep what you are reading or plan to read and get rid of everything else.


  • Duplicate kitchen accessories can take up a lot of needed cupboard space in your kitchen. Go through all of your kitchen accessories and keep what you use most often. You may even have seasonal cookware that you only bring out on special occasions and holidays. Consider donating or storing the rest. If it is deemed unusable go ahead and toss it.


  • Expired bills and coupons should be sorted through and thrown out. Piles of unused paper can easily clutter your office space or kitchen table. Sort through and keep only what is current or what is needed for your taxes. Get organized with the use of bins or binders for those bills you need to keep.
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