How to Keep your Small Home Clean and Organized

Small living spaces seem to be the only ones that are still somewhat affordable with the economy these days. Just because you have a small living space doesn’t mean you can’t have the clean and organized home you have always wanted. With the use of one of our units at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, CA you can get rid of clutter and find the space you need in your small home. Listed below are some tips for you to try when it comes to keeping your small living space clean and organized.


Purge and Declutter your Home Often

The key to staying organized in a small home is to purge and declutter often. We tend to accumulate a lot of stuff as the year goes on, which means less available space in your small home. Make it a habit to go through your items and donate or store what you just aren’t using. A good example of this is rotating seasonal clothing and décor. As you a purging and sorting through your items you will want to get into the system of sorting them into stuff you want to keep, store, donate, or toss. This gives you a visual representation of how much you are keeping and how much space you are opening up in your small living space.


Separate Rooms into Zones

Smaller homes don’t usually give you the separation of rooms with walls and long hallways. You are usually given an open concept living space that contains your living and dining room all in one area. To help you in distinguishing your living room from your dining room and kitchen you can create zones. Using storage carts, room dividers, and strategically placed rugs will help to give you an idea of what goes where and the separation.


Get your Items up off of the Floor

Small homes equal small floor space. To keep your home feeling clean and organized you will want to keep as many items up off of the floor as possible. Bookshelves, shelves, and hanging organizers are a great way to accomplish this. Use any available wall space to keep your items organized and away from foot traffic.

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