How to Keep your Closet Clean and Organized

With the winter months approaching you are going to need to take care of that mess that has accumulated in your closet the last few months. Winter clothing is known to take up more space so you need to have an organizational process in place for you closet. Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, CA can help you with all of your storage needs as well as provide you with the closet organization tips you need.


Remove Any and All Excess

The main culprit for a messy closet is the amount of items you are trying to store. Before you start the organization process you may want to empty out your closet entirely. This will give you a better idea of what you have on hand. Sort through the items and decide what you can keep, donate, store, or toss. Be picky when it comes to what you will keep. If you haven’t used an item for quite some time it may be time to get rid of it. For the items you wish to store you can easily rent a storage unit from Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, CA. We have a variety of sizes in storage units to match your storage needs.


Unify your Hangers

To help you save on space and give you an organized feel to your closet, try and unify your hangers. This will give you the most room to work with when it comes to your clothing. To save even more room you can use space-saving hangers. These hangers allow you to double up hangers to save you even more hanging space in your closet.


Invest in Hanging Storage

In order to utilize all the available space in your closet you may want to invest in some hanging storage. These can be placed within your closet or on the inside of your closet door. These are perfect when it comes to storing your clothing accessories up and out of the way.


Organizational Bins

If you have any available shelving in your closet it is always a good idea to organize with bins. These can be purchased in a variety of colors to match the décor of your home. These can help you in keeping items together that you need to store in your closet. Make sure you label your bins so you can easily find what you are looking for.

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