Everyday Tools to Declutter Without Spending a Fortune

At the start of the year, it seems like that there are sales on all of the latest and greatest tools that are supposed to make your next decluttering project easier than ever as the masses make resolutions to improve their surroundings and become more organized.

We’re always interested to see if these products really help. As we get to know our clients, one woman’s perspective and methods were both unique and frugal, both things that we appreciate. She believed that all she needed were some cheap (or free) tools and help.

Not long ago, she came to rent a unit from us at Security Self Storage. In San Leandro, we all know that there is more than one way to do things, and we enjoy keeping it light whenever possible. This woman enlisted the help of her family in her decluttering task and was able to do so without any of the latest gadgets, techniques or self help books, plus she kept her sense of humor and inserted a little whimsy into an otherwise difficult task.

As she explained, the key to any good project is to have a proper code name, so she started working to come up with a name that would intrigue her family as well as keep her amused. “Project Purple Flying Monkey” was born. Color us amused. Makes sense, if you’re enlisting help, it’s easier to get it by saying, “I’m working on Project Purple Flying Monkey. Do you want to join me?” than, “Come help me declutter.”

Proper receptacles and sturdy liners

Whether you have a big or smaller job to declutter, you need to have a designated place for that which you no longer want, need, and is not in donating condition.

Enter trash cans and recycling bins. Go through and determine if these items are worth keeping at all. If not, place them in the appropriate receptacle and leave it there. No take-backs.

A few cube-shaped collection containers

These are typically made of cardboard and work beautifully for items that you want to keep and store or donate. We recommend having a set of these available at all times.

Label everything

In order for you to keep items properly organized, label and inventory everything. Putting labels on the sides of the boxes is often easier than on the top flaps. As you load your storage unit, you can stack the boxes so that their labels face out, allowing you to quickly determine what is inside of the boxes.

This final step is critical when you package your belongings for their time with us at our San Leandro storage facility. Without that, even if your boxes and containers are extremely organized, you will not be able to quickly retrieve needed items in a timely fashion.

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