My Digital Home Command Center

A home command center, if you’re unfamiliar with the phrase, is the place where all the stuff goes when it comes into the house, where the mail lives, bills, endless mind-numbing paperwork from school, etc. If you think about your home right now, you probably can identify a place that collects all of this stuff. Plus, let’s face it, it sounds so much more fun to answer a child who’s demanding your whereabouts, “I’m in the command center!” than “Sitting at the kitchen table.”

For my family, the de facto home command center is the table that is just inside the front door. Everything that no one knows what to do with ends up on that spot. Lunch boxes, mail, coupons, etc. – let’s just say that it is a robust hub of our family’s life.

At the start of the New Year, I decided to take up a little challenge that was gently tossed my way by my colleagues at our San Leandro storage facility, Mini Safe Storage. We challenged each other to upgrade our home command centers in a useable way.

I tried to get ideas online, which was a fun diversion to see what other folks were doing, but first of all, I’d like to state straight up – I am not crafty, creative, or the least bit Pinterest-y. So, looking at these special printouts, color-coded everything, etc., I just about got hives. I’m not faulting anyone who uses these systems, but they are not going to work for me. I mean, I’m a fan of my phone’s calendar and use it to organize everyone in the family. Each of us gets messages and notifications about when the next appointment is at the orthodontist, and they know that if they want a ride someplace, that they need to add it to Google Calendar.

I concluded that I could easily use Google Calendar to do meal (and chore) planning, to my children’s chagrin. After setting these tasks up, which took me about 45 minutes for the month; I quickly began to receive input from my small people about their displeasure in my finding this functionality. The response was unanimous, but that is all that I can say. Over the last little while, I have increased my online command center to Google Drive, with grocery lists, requests, etc.

While my digital command center is different than those found on Pinterest, it works for me. That’s the whole point though, right?

Does anyone else use a digital command center? Share your ideas with us at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro; we’d love to see them!

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