How to Create a Clean and Organized Entry Way

Our entryways can be the busiest rooms in our home at particular times during the day. They are also the first rooms our guests see as they enter our home. You can easily create the entry way you have always wanted with the help of a storage unit at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, CA and the tips provided below.


Determine your Exit and Entry Habits

Depending on what your current routine is it will determine how you should set up your entryway or mudroom. Assess everyone’s needs when they enter and exit your home. Look at the current clutter that is surrounding your entryway. This will tell you what you need in terms of organization. Installing shoe cubbies or hooks for backpacks is always helpful.


Transition with the Seasons

If you tend to have winter coats taking up the majority of the available space in your entryway it might be time to think seasonally. Storing your winter coats and accessories during the summer in a storage unit at Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, CA can free up a lot of the storage space you may need. Make sure you make the necessary preparations before placing your winter clothes in storage.


Go Vertical

Floor space is often very limited when it comes to entryways and mudrooms. You can easily go vertical with your storage by installing shoe cubbies, hooks, shelves, and even cupboards. Take into consideration what your family will need exactly when it comes to their daily routine. If you have little ones at home, consider placing hooks at a lower level for them to store their own coats and backpacks. You can provide even more organized storage options with bins to keep all the small accessories together.


Combat Moisture

Now that you have conquered the clutter on your floor you will want to make sure you can keep it slip-free as well. Having necessary shoe storage as well as a mat in front of your door can help you to keep your floor free of moisture, especially during the spring and winter months.


For more storage tips and tricks make sure you stop by Mini Safe Storage in San Leandro, Ca. We can help you in all of your storage needs.

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